About CSO

elimu yetu The Civil Society Organization Network for Western and Nyanza Province (CSO Network) draws its membership from Non Governmental Organization, (NGOs), Community Based Organization (CBOs), Faith-based Organizations (FBOs), and other Non State Actors in Western Kenya. The forerunner of the CSO Network was the NGO Network for Western Kenya, a network of the NGOs Council established in 1999, to create a platform for joint action in advocacy and lobbying, information sharing, building bridges for mutual partnerships in programme support and creating synergy of diversity of the member organizations for sustainable development within the region.

Until 2005, the NGO Network operated as a network of the NGOs Council, without an independent entity, exposing it to external challenges and threats beyond its scope and future sustainability. Despite all these since its inception in 1999, the Network registered major achievements especially in the areas of mobilization for participation, building capacities, disseminating information on resource opportunities and providing support services to members, the public, the Government and Private Sector.

In 2005 the environment upon which NGO network operated had undergone a series of rapid changes and transformations that required renewed interventions. For instance, the informal organizational structure and behaviour, managerial and governance structure could no longer sustain the demands of professionalism and quality of service delivery requirements. These challenges needed to be addressed to realign the organization in undertaking development concerns.


The CSO Network's vision is One Voice...One Purpose


Our mission is Enhancing Collaboration and Diversity of Civil Society Organization in Western Kenya through Networking and Capacity Building

Access to Justice

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Women in Leadership

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Amkeni Wakenya

Amkeni Wakenya is an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme. Amkeni Wakenya is a UNDP led Facility set up to promote democratic governance in Kenya.

United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone.